It can't be this simple! is nothing more than a structure for citizens to request the voter consumer rights they need BEFORE voting. The SMART voter requires a clear list of the simplified bills a political candidate is committed to calling for and supporting in earnest. Candidates evidence this with a S.M.A.R.T list of policies, and a 'Vote Back Guarantee', just like we expect companies to do when they sell products and services.

No candidate can guarantee any economic outcomes, or to pass any legislation, but they can promise to call for and support policies, and make commitments in relation to their own activity

S.M.A.R.T promise lists consist of just two types of commitment.

Constitutional Changes. These are simplified bills, the spirit of which the candidate MUST call for and support. Listed in order of priority (unless stated otherwise). They must also support bills that achieve reduced versions of the same. This forces incremental improvements to pass. If the bill has wider ranging implications, candidates must engage with their electorate in accordance with the terms.

Personal commitments. These relate to bills that the candidate may have the opportunity to vote on, but are not committed to driving, for example commitment to objecting to a bill. This is also where candidates opt-in to a personal degree of commitment that may be important to voters but is not yet addressed constitutionally. For example Westminster accommodation, house flipping and taking on other work / pro rata remuneration.

For the voter it removes that fundamental undermining of democracy that presently exists. Spin, distraction and lies can't be distinguished from facts. Under the present rules it is completely impossible for a voter to make an informed choice.

For the honest candidate who has given due diligence to their policy considerations, it is genuine evidence of their intelligence, their respect for voters and a self imposed firewall against the costs of present and future corruption.

This is not a new concept. In all areas of business ranging from the construction of an office block or the selling of a sandwich, we are accustomed to a list of components and a money back guarantee. aims to bring those essential fair trading protections to elections.

Encourage voters to give their vote its due diligence.

It's time to teach others how to be a and to demand the #VoterConsumerRights no democratic system invented today would be created without.

It's time for honest party supporters to check that the person wishing to lead is doing so for the right reasons.

It's time for activists to stop having their energy misdirected.

It's time for the just to stand for election knowing that they can win on the balance of their commitments, and that they need not sacrifice their family life for 3 months or raise campaign donations. Only a can spot that candidate. You can e-mail your candidates and ask them at even if to just support some basic democratic necessities.

Consider a #CronyTest.

At the bottom of this page you will find links to existing policy campaigns that you might like to ask your candidate to support BEFORE you vote for them. If they are really stuck you could ask them to commit to supporting fair accountable, independently verifiable elections in the future.

The first person you should rely on to clean up crony politics is you.

pdf with terms and an example .